The Bloody Hell PH / From The BS.HQ

Also known as [email protected] on Twitter, Tumblr and in the fediverse. Not an parody version of TheJuiceMedia for the Philippines technically.

About this project

The Bloody Hell PH is Andrei Jiroh's personal side project (outside Recap Time Squad's Community Radar newsletter and its companion feed) where he covers controversies and BS across internet personalities and communities, mostly with TheJuiceMedia and political satire references.

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Where this project was made as an secondary blog for all things internet shitfuckery.


@[email protected]'s alt, more retweets hellscape and shitposting.

Fediverse (via

Currently cross-posting stuff from Twitter

Blog via Substack

Instead of yet another blog, I built an blog on Substack discussing internet shitfuckery in depth along with my personal ramblings, formerly an special section on my personal Substack newsletter (which I'll still keep for crossposting purposes).

Blog via

All of my posts are also existing in web3 at Arweave network via, although there might be some delays while I copy things there.

More stuff

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Currently, supported methods are direct ETH transfers and collecting entries I did under this project. In the future, I'll add Stripe support once the legal papers for KYC on traditional banks are ready. (If you're in PH or you're using Wise, just ask me via email for details.)

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